Cuora mccordi

This is a very rare species, originally from Guanxi in China.
This Chinese box turtle has a still largely a mystery, such as their clear habitats and wild populations, because type specimen of this species is published using individual which was got at food market.
Fortunately, bred turtles populations distributed through the market by domestic, Europe and the U.S breeders in recent year.

We have succeeded in-house breeding of this species in 2001 for the first time. In addition, we have introduced several separate pedigrees from domestic and EU as parents to this day.
Because of this, there are a large number of turtles being hatched every year. In addition, we successfully bred male that is low incidence.

Cuora mccordi.It is all Original CB

We are handling all size of reptiles from baby to young adult. Although these are high price, our attractive reptiles have beautiful colors and are very used to the human. That is possible to describe “the species that everyone wants to breed at least once”.
For anyone interested in our special products, Please feel free to contact us anytime.


Cuora mccordi .Adult♀/♂

We strive to breed this species which is extremely rare in the world.
Since absolute numbers of WC, which was distributed to the market 20 years ago, is small, there’s a concern about aging.
We breed using separate pedigrees which will be next generation, to maintain species, and to develop complete breeding.

Also we trade this species with breeders to avoid inbreeding.
We hope pet industry is able to handle this amazing species forever, and also everyone enjoys taking care of it as pet.


Cuora mccordi .Adult♀

Cuora mccordi.Adult.♂

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