Mauremys nigricans

This is a rare species which its main production area is Guangdong, Guangxi Province.
In country of origin, this species population is divided to types based on distribution area, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan Province.
We have succeeded its own-breeding in 2003 for the first time, and they have been breeding smoothly to this day. Hundreds of this species hatch every year.
Consequently, we are able offer all sizes from Baby to young adult.

Mauremys nigricans.It is all Original CB

Mauremys nigricans Adult♂

Because Wild reptile population in China is decreasing rapidly, we continuously strive to breed this species, like the Cuora mccordi.
To avoid inbreeding, we trade this species with breeders as often as needed.
We hope pet industry is able to handle this amazing species forever, and also everyone enjoys taking care of it as pet.

Mauremys nigricans var.Color Variation

Mauremys nigricans var.Color Variation

Color mutant which is shown in the picture have been born. The mutant like that is extremely rare; at least over 100 hatching is needed.
Furthermore, a turtle that hatching and glowing with perfect state is born only once in several years.


Mauremys nigricans var

Mauremys nigricans(left)/Mauremys reevesii (right).Color Variation(Adult)

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